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Our company mainly produces timing socket, wire and cable, wire reel, lamps and steel pipes. At present, our company has obtained VDE/CE/GS/S/D/FI/N/ROHS/REACH and other related certifications.


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Wholesale Outdoor Rubber Extension Cord Manufacturers

Zhejiang Shuangyang Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1986, is famous China Outdoor Rubber Extension Cord Manufacturers and Wholesale Outdoor Rubber Extension Cord Suppliers, one of the star enterprises of Ningbo City in 1998, and approved by ISO9001/14000/18000.
We are located in Cixi, Ningbo City, which is only one hour to Ningbo harbor and airport, and two hours to Shanghai.
Till now, the registered capital is over 16 million U.S. dollars. Our floor area is about 120,000 sqm, and our construction area is about 85,000 sqm. In 2018, our total turnover was 80 million U.S. dollars.
We have ten R&D persons and over 100 Qcs to guarantee quality, each year, we design and develop over ten new products acting as a great manufacturer. Our main products are timers, sockets flexible cables, power cords, plugs, extension sockets, cable reels, and lighting.


We enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We are always focused on protecting the environment and human safety. Improving the quality of life is our ultimate goal.


Industry Knowledge Extension

Introduction to Outdoor Rubber Extension Cords

Outdoor spaces have become integral extensions of our living environments, serving as venues for recreation, work, and entertainment. The reliance on electrical devices in these outdoor settings necessitates a reliable and durable power source, making outdoor rubber extension cords a vital component of our daily lives. These cords are purpose-built to bridge the gap between indoor power sources and the diverse array of devices we use outdoors, ensuring a seamless and safe extension of electrical connectivity. Outdoor rubber extension cords are specifically engineered to meet the unique challenges posed by exposure to the elements. Unlike their indoor counterparts, these cords feature robust construction materials that provide enhanced resistance to sunlight, rain, and temperature extremes. The outer rubber insulation acts as a protective shield, preventing moisture ingress and maintaining flexibility even in the face of fluctuating weather conditions. 

Weather Resistance and Outdoor Performance

The hallmark of outdoor rubber extension cords lies in their exceptional weather resistance, a critical feature for withstanding the unpredictable conditions of the great outdoors. The rubber insulation is not only weatherproof but also UV-resistant, ensuring prolonged exposure to sunlight does not compromise the cord's integrity over time. This level of protection is essential for preventing corrosion, deterioration, and electrical hazards that may arise from prolonged outdoor use. Outdoor rubber extension cords are designed to maintain flexibility in extreme temperatures. Whether it's the scorching heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter, these cords remain pliable, making them easy to handle and maneuver in any weather condition. This combination of weather resistance and flexibility guarantees a consistent and reliable power supply, regardless of the outdoor environment's challenges.

Overcoming Challenges: Using Cord Covers and Cord Management Systems

While outdoor rubber extension cords excel in providing reliable power outdoors, challenges such as tripping hazards and exposure to potential damage may still arise. This is where cord covers and management systems come into play as indispensable accessories. Cord covers, typically made of durable materials like polyurethane, serve as protective channels that conceal and shield extension cords from foot traffic, vehicles, and other potential hazards. Cord management systems, on the other hand, offer a systematic approach to organizing and securing outdoor extension cords. These systems often include features such as cable organizers, stakes, and reels that help keep cords neatly arranged and out of harm's way. Implementing these solutions not only enhances safety by preventing tripping accidents but also prolongs the life of outdoor rubber extension cords by shielding them from physical stress and environmental elements. Incorporating cord covers and management systems into outdoor setups not only safeguards the extension cords but also contributes to the overall safety and aesthetics of the outdoor space. This proactive approach to cord management underscores the importance of a holistic strategy when utilizing outdoor rubber extension cords in diverse outdoor environments.