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Industrial Plug Wholesale

Our company mainly produces timing socket, wire and cable, wire reel, lamps and steel pipes. At present, our company has obtained VDE/CE/GS/S/D/FI/N/ROHS/REACH and other related certifications.


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    To create an honest enterprise for the responsibility To build

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    Let every employee work happilyTo be a sustainable business excellence with the integrity of the enterprise image deeply

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    Run the business with integrity Give back to society with a loving heart

Wholesale Industrial Plug Manufacturers

Zhejiang Shuangyang Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1986, is famous China Industrial Plug Manufacturers and Wholesale Industrial Plug Suppliers, one of the star enterprises of Ningbo City in 1998, and approved by ISO9001/14000/18000.
We are located in Cixi, Ningbo City, which is only one hour to Ningbo harbor and airport, and two hours to Shanghai.
Till now, the registered capital is over 16 million U.S. dollars. Our floor area is about 120,000 sqm, and our construction area is about 85,000 sqm. In 2018, our total turnover was 80 million U.S. dollars.
We have ten R&D persons and over 100 Qcs to guarantee quality, each year, we design and develop over ten new products acting as a great manufacturer. Our main products are timers, sockets flexible cables, power cords, plugs, extension sockets, cable reels, and lighting.


We enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We are always focused on protecting the environment and human safety. Improving the quality of life is our ultimate goal.


Industry Knowledge Extension

Introduction to Industrial Plugs

Industrial plugs serve as the critical link between power sources and the myriad of machinery and equipment that drive industrial operations. In the contemporary landscape, where industries are rapidly evolving and embracing technological advancements, the role of industrial plugs has become more pronounced than ever. These essential components form the backbone of electrical connections in manufacturing plants, processing facilities, and various industrial settings. The introduction of industrial plugs marked a departure from traditional electrical connections, offering a standardized and reliable means of power transfer. Unlike conventional plugs, industrial plugs are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, where factors such as extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, and physical stress are commonplace. As a result, industrial plugs play a crucial role in ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted operation of industrial processes, contributing significantly to overall efficiency and productivity.

Robust Design for Durability

The durability of industrial plugs is paramount in industrial settings where equipment is subjected to demanding conditions. Modern industrial plugs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, employing high-quality materials such as rugged thermoplastics and corrosion-resistant metals. This robust construction not only safeguards the plugs against environmental challenges but also enhances their resistance to wear and tear, extending their operational lifespan. Furthermore, industrial plugs often feature ingress protection (IP) ratings, indicating their ability to withstand dust, moisture, and other contaminants. This robust design ensures that industrial plugs can endure the harshest conditions, whether in heavy manufacturing environments, outdoor installations, or facilities where exposure to chemicals is a concern. The result is a reliable and resilient electrical connection that minimizes the risk of unplanned downtime and associated maintenance costs.

Enhanced Safety Standards

Safety is a paramount concern in industrial operations, and industrial plugs have undergone significant advancements to meet the highest safety standards. Integrated safety features, such as built-in grounding systems, insulation monitoring, and impact-resistant casings, contribute to creating a secure working environment. These safety enhancements not only protect personnel from electrical hazards but also safeguard the integrity of connected equipment. In compliance with industry regulations, industrial plugs undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability under various conditions. This commitment to safety is particularly crucial in environments where the consequences of electrical failures can be severe. The integration of fail-safe mechanisms and adherence to international safety standards ensure that industrial plugs not only power industrial processes but do so with an unwavering commitment to protecting both personnel and assets.