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Rubber Cord and Cable Wholesale

Our company mainly produces timing socket, wire and cable, wire reel, lamps and steel pipes. At present, our company has obtained VDE/CE/GS/S/D/FI/N/ROHS/REACH and other related certifications.


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Wholesale Rubber Cord and Cable Manufacturers

Zhejiang Shuangyang Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1986, is famous China Rubber Cord and Cable Manufacturers and Wholesale Rubber Cord and Cable Suppliers, one of the star enterprises of Ningbo City in 1998, and approved by ISO9001/14000/18000.
We are located in Cixi, Ningbo City, which is only one hour to Ningbo harbor and airport, and two hours to Shanghai.
Till now, the registered capital is over 16 million U.S. dollars. Our floor area is about 120,000 sqm, and our construction area is about 85,000 sqm. In 2018, our total turnover was 80 million U.S. dollars.
We have ten R&D persons and over 100 Qcs to guarantee quality, each year, we design and develop over ten new products acting as a great manufacturer. Our main products are timers, sockets flexible cables, power cords, plugs, extension sockets, cable reels, and lighting.


We enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We are always focused on protecting the environment and human safety. Improving the quality of life is our ultimate goal.


Industry Knowledge Extension

What specific environments and application scenarios is Rubber Cord and Cable suitable for?

Rubber Cord and Cable is widely used in multiple specific environments and application scenarios. In the industrial sector, it is commonly used in applications that require frequent movement, bending, or in the working area of mechanical equipment, and its resistance to wear and oil is excellent. In mechanical equipment connections, Rubber Cord and Cable's softness and abrasion resistance make it ideal for connecting mobile equipment, tools and machinery. In addition, in the field of vehicle maintenance and manufacturing, Rubber Cord and Cable can cope with the complex environment of vibration, grease and lubricants. It also performs well outdoors and in harsh weather conditions, resisting the effects of UV rays, oxygen and other natural environmental factors. Rubber Cord and Cable also play an important role in high ozone environments and extreme temperature conditions. In addition, it is widely used in chemical plants, oil field facilities, power tool and equipment connection, and medical device manufacturing.

In Rubber Cord and Cable, what considerations are based on the selection of rubber insulation materials?

The choice of rubber insulation in Rubber Cord and Cable is a carefully weighed and thoroughly considered decision. Behind this choice involves an in-depth understanding and demand analysis of multiple key factors to ensure that the final cable product can perform well in a variety of complex application scenarios.
As an elastic material, rubber can give Rubber Cord and Cable excellent flexibility, allowing the cable to easily bend and adapt to different wiring paths. This is crucial in situations that require frequent movement and bending, such as when connecting mobile equipment or machine tools.
Abrasion resistance is an important consideration in the selection of rubber insulation materials. Cables are often required to work in various industrial environments and may be affected by mechanical wear and tear. Therefore, choosing rubber with higher wear resistance can effectively extend the service life of Rubber Cord and Cable and ensure its stability under harsh conditions.
Oil resistance is also one of the key factors affecting the selection of rubber materials. In some industrial locations, especially applications involving lubricating oil or grease, Rubber Cord and Cable needs to have excellent oil resistance to maintain the performance of the cable unaffected by grease.
In addition, the selection of rubber insulation materials takes into account resistance to ozone. In high ozone environments, rubber materials can effectively prevent ozone from adversely affecting Rubber Cord and Cable, ensuring that the cable can still work stably and reliably under such conditions.
For Rubber Cord and Cable usage scenarios, weather resistance is also a crucial feature. The choice of rubber insulation material needs to ensure that the cable is resistant to UV rays, oxygen, and other natural environmental factors to maintain its long-term stability in outdoor environments.
Therefore, rubber insulation material selection is a complex and meticulous engineering decision that seeks to balance multiple performance requirements to produce a Rubber Cord and Cable product that performs well in a variety of application scenarios.